Woo Hoo! I received it Thursday. I was able to install it and I used it to grade my first test today and it worked beautifully. I am the envy of my colleagues and they all want to try my Sharpat. I have a meeting with my principal this afternoon and he is speaking with the county’s head of technology about the possibility of ordering several kits. Thank you!!!

April L - 6th Grade Teacher

My teachers love your Sharpat kits! They are extremely easy to use and the students receive instant gratification from receiving their scores immediately. Today, I am ordering one Sharpat kit for every fourth grade teacher at my school. They are an excellent tool!

Chris M - Principal

We like the kit because it makes it easy to get the camera to work in challenging lighting conditions. It also generates a measure of privacy – some of our staff have jokingly called it the “voting booth.”

David L. – IT Director

This new technology is amazing and the Sharpat kit makes it all come to life. One of the deciding factors of purchasing the Sharpat kit was the amazing customer service. It was refreshing to have someone take such good care of us. We have a Sharpat kit in almost every classroom in our district now.

Jen O., Educational Technology Specialist

I wanted to let you know I just finished day two of training around the district, 1 more tomorrow. We are training Illuminate ourselves as it makes it easier to specifically meet folks where they are in the learning spectrum. Your cameras have been a huge hit! It is my parting gift to them as they leave. We put them together as a group and then they leave with them ready to roll. It really has been way more fun that it should be.
One teacher figured out if they point the camera at the class they can watch right them right through the computer screen while they test. How extremely tricky!
I have to say that our meeting was destiny for Bonita USD. You have done an exceptional service to students and teachers in creating this affordable and convenient camera system.
Thanks for everything Patrick- go forth and prosper! Long live Sharpat!

Kris Boneman

We just wanted to let you know that our high school will be contacting you to order three more Sharpat kits.  Today is our first day of school and things are going well. Teachers plan to use the Sharpat Kits to scan assessments starting tomorrow.  We have also been able to use the cameras for video chats when teachers don’t have a camera on their computer.
Thanks for all of your support last year, we look forward to working with Sharpat again this year.

RF - IT Director