Sharpat Kit SPK-N

Our newly designed Sharpat kit SPK-N has a sleeker look. Use it for classroom bubble test scanning. It is priced from $43.95 down to $35.95 (Quantity pricing, including shipping). We use a manual focus webcam but once focused you should not have to re-focus the camera. While the camera head is imported, the Sharpat kit itself is made in the USA from recyclable material. It is USB-powered and Plug n’ Play for both PC and Mac platforms.

Anti-Glare Option (AGO)

The Anti-Glare Option (AGO) is a great addition to any of our kits. The AGO controls the lighting like the professional photographer who has only one camera but a treasure trove of shades, filters, and diffusers. For $10.95 you won’t worry about  the lighting environment in the classroom again. With the SPK-N and its built-in adjustable LED’s we have scanned bubble tests with the lights off. The AGO comes with a 3′ USB extension for flexibility of kit placement.

Sharpat Pro SPP-N (Document and Video)

The SPP-N has the new look too. It functions as a bubble test scanner using GradeCam Technology and a document and video camera too.  It comes with an auto-focus, tripod mount Logitech C-615 HD webcam and a two year warranty. With our design using an omni-directional webcam,  180 degree rotatable telescoping stem and our unique mounting arm you will have greater versatility for  almost any situation. It is Plug n’ Play on both PC and Mac platforms and it has its own proprietary software for photo and video enhancements.